Good Morning!

Good Morning everyone! It is one of those days where you know the world is going so fast, and that you just want it to slow down, just a little. My baby is 4 years old, and we will be starting school this summer. Which is always scary. We as parents wonder so many things, and worry so much. We love them and they are our heart. As a mom, I always thought I would be the one who was happy to see my son go off to school and be independent. After all, isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Aren’t we supposed to raise our children to go out into the world as the best human beings possible?

Well, yes. We are supposed to make our children the best possible version of themselves, the most confident they can be. This can be very different for each child.

My decision to homeschool my son comes with a slight heavy heart, a slight worry, and a slight panic. Am I enough? Is this the best for my son? Will he miss the social interactions at school? With this panic and worry there also comes excitement, and joy, and love. I am lucky that I am able to take care of my son and know so many moms who want to be with their children more.

I just want to let all parents know, you have to to what is best for YOUR family, and YOUR child. Never let someone shame you for your choice, whether it is public school, private school, charter school or home school. We all deserve the best life for our children and no one else knows our children like we do.

Take your children’s happiness and joy as the ONLY sort of reassurance you need. People always shame what they don’t understand. You are enough, you are amazing! Your children will succeed, because you love them.

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