Monday Mornings

Good Morning Everyone!

Today Is a cool cloudy day. I woke up early this morning to do a few things and send my husband off to work. As I got my coffee I started getting more upset about an incident that happened to me yesterday. I am going to tell you what happened so just listen and tell me how you feel!

Yesterday after church myself, my husband, our son and my father in law went out to eat at KFC. Well We ordered, and my husband paid, then went to sit down, I am always the one who waits for the food, I don’t know why it is just what we always do. When the food was ready, they called our last name and I went up. I was asked, do you want hot sauce? I said ( and I quote) ” Um, can I have some honey”. Immediately after one of the workers said in a very squeaky voice ” um, can I have some honey” they all laughed and proceeded to mock me and make fun of me. I was so upset that I could not eat, even though we had paid for the food. I went to the table and told my husband what happened and he felt that I should still eat and that I should not let people get to me, however, I am not like that and it hurt me. He asked if I would like him to go up there and talk to them and say something. I declined this, because what would it do? Nothing. My day was already ruined. I messaged KFC on their social media and the only response was ” we will let the management know and thanks for telling us.” This again upset me. What if I was someone with a disability? A speech Impediment? How much would they have mocked me then?

My reason for telling this story is because, as we are all parenting our children we want them to be the best people they can. We want them to accept others and be accepted. Treating others this way is not something that we should accept as a society. The response of the company was not acceptable either. I worry all of the time for my son, this world is truly changed from when we were children. People are bold, and hateful for no reason, they think it is okay to be mean to others,

Please teach your children to be kind, and please tell them that they are worth others treating them with respect. I will never let my son feel that treatment like this is okay.

What would you have done differently? What are your thoughts on this? Please share!

Thank you for reading 🙂

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