The day after the long weekend.

Hello Lovlies,

It was such a wonderful weekend curled up and relaxed with my husband and my son. It was relaxing and refreshing to get to spend a whole weekend together. You see, my husband works Monday to Friday and I work from home in my office, almost every Saturday, so we don’t get many weekends that we spend together. I always plan out our weekends, in my head of course. Those plans rarely come to fruition though because of one thing or another. This holiday weekend, I was happy. No plans. No expectations of what the weekend will bring, just happy.

As parents, or spouses we always think that we need to plan things out to keep our family entertained, that it will somehow make them happier than just spending time at home. My experience this weekend with a relaxed 4 year old and a husband who got to enjoy his house showed differently. I actually felt relaxed for the first time in weeks, and maybe even months.

My questions for all of you moms and dads out there is; Do you plan out your weekends? Do you ever just want to bail out of the plans and curl up on the couch? What are your thoughts on Lazy weekends?

I found myself more productive today than I was all of last week, I focused on a few things I needed to do and accomplished those goals. I think it is very important for us moms (and dads) to take time just to be relaxed and joyful because there is nothing better than staying home with our family and just being happy!

Sending Love and Positivity your way for all the tired and long days as mothers and fathers. We are the role models our kids look up to, we want them to be their best, so we need to do things that make us our best, even if that is just a little relaxation on a long weekend!

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